Leaky tits are not a fun time! I can’t even tell you how many times in the run of a day I have to change my shirt or bra because I leaked. It’s ridiculous! But since I’ve had to buy them so often, it’s given me the opportunity to try a few brands and see which ones I liked best. I thought I’d share my findings with you!
The three brands I’ve used are President’s Choice, Johnson & Johnson, and Medela- all of which come in 60 count boxes.

3rd Place – Johnson & Johnson


Johnson & Johnson were the “middle” priced nursing pads, and the second brand I tried. I won’t lie, I don’t have much good to say about them.
– Much much smaller than opponent’s pads
– Only one adhesive patch
– They’re a perfect circle which makes them very non discreet
I decided to splurge a little one day and spend the extra couple of dollars for a more reputable brand- they were around $14 at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart. I found that I had a hard time keeping them in place in my bra because they only have one adhesive on the back to keep them in place. I also found that they didn’t absorb very well, so I usually ended up with wet spots on my bra and shirt.

2nd Place – Medela

ptru1-3027836dtI actually only tried these ones because they were on sale for the same price as President’s Choice (which is what I was using originally). They had amazing absorbption, and lasted for hours, plus they’re super comfy.
– More of an oval-ly shape, fitting nicely inside your bra
– two adhesives on back, keeping them in place easily
– they’re the perect size; not too big, not too small
They cost roughly $16 at Shopper’s, so if you don’t mind spending the few extra bucks, these are a great buy!

1st Place – President’s Choice
3239268-jpg-thumb-420-420-marginThese ones are definitely my favorite. I’m all about getting more bang for your buck, and these are just as good as the Medela pads, for a lower price.
– The same oval shape
– Two adhesives to keep them in place
– Super absorbent
If you don’t mind using “no name brands”, I highly recommend these!