Babies. Are. Everywhere. It seems like every time you open your newsfeed, someone else has spit one out, or is bragging about their 32 month old’s accomplishments in the bathroom. And that can put you in one of two moods; it either makes you want to delete every single parent from your friends list and down a bottle of vodka, or it makes you start a board on Pinterest called “Nursery Ideas”. BEEN THERE.

Don’t get me wrong, babies are amazing and I wouldn’t trade being a mother for anything else in the world, but baby fever can lead to some rash decisions! So let me help you kick the fetus frenzy with this lovely little list of things to think about:

1- No sleep.
Sleep will simultaneously become the one thing you want the most, and the one thing you never get. Whether it’s pregnancy induced insomnia or a crying baby at 3am, something IS going to prevent you from catching some z’s when you need them the most.


2- Money. (Or lack thereof)
According to Canadian Living daycare costs alone can range from $700 to $1000 for full-time working parents.
… I think I should be looking into a career change…


3- Diapers.
Besides costing a fortune are you down to wipe crap off someone else’s ass (and back, legs, feet etc..) for the next roughly 1095 days (3 years)?


4- Formula.
Formula can also be expensive. And formula burps stank. Plus, making and heating bottles can be a bitch at 3 a.m.


5- Breastfeeding.
I love the bonding that comes with breastfeeding my son, but I literally don\t even recognize my own nipples anymore.


6- No sleep.
This deserves to be on the list twice. Partly because I’m so tired that I forgot I already said it, and partly because seriously, NO SLEEP.


7- Kids are SO loud.
If you’re anything like me, you appreciate silence. However, when you have kids, silence almost always means trouble.


8. Your relationships.
Babies can put a strain on even the strongest relationships. Exhaustion, hunger, new-parent anxiety.. these things can make you both super irritable.


9- Friendships.
It can be really hard to maintain friendships after having kids, especially with your childless (young, wild & freeee) friends.


10- Free time.
Free time is basically extinct when you have a new baby. Pretty much until they go to school.




That all being said, I love my kids more than anything and I highly recommend having a bunch 😉