Childbirth is a beautiful, wonderful experience, par to none. But it can also turn your once loving, darling wife into Satan’s right hand. 

Since my husband is a first time Dad, and in his second month is still learning many MANY things, I decided to put together some tips for you dads (or moms/guardians/grand parents etc..) to help you survive this most joyous of times. 

1. Bring food.  Especially if she’s breastfeeding

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According to Woman’s Health, breastfeeding can burn 300 – 500 calories a day- the equivalent of running on a treadmill for 45 minutes. Either way, a new mom is almost always starving. It’s not only important for her health that she eats regularly, but it’s important for yourself, too. Bring her some of her favorite snacks or lunch from her favorite “spot” to keep the hanger at bay. 

 2. Be prepared. Because sometimes she won’t be.

If your wife is anything like me she’s the last one out of the house for every outing- she’s packing the bags, she’s making sure everyone is wearing shoes (and even checking that they’re on the right feet), she’s making sure everyone has peed, and that nothing gets left behind. Except sometimes things do get left behind. I’m famous for forgetting the diaper bag, myself. But one day my husband whips out this little baggy of wipes and another with a few diapers in it. I’ve never been more in love with him. So do yourself a favor and have an emergency baby baggy somewhere handy so you can save the day when she forgets a thing or two.

 3. Be patient. She needs you to understand. Or at least try to.

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It can take several weeks before her hormones calm the fuck down after three trimesters of absolute craziness. Initially, you (and even she) may not realize how fragile her emotional state is in the first few days after birth because your blinded by the excitement of your bundle’s arrival. But after a few sleepless nights , seemingly endless crying sessions (both you and the babe), and midnight feedings, you might see her crazy shine through. Be patient with her- she’ll be back to her loving self eventually. 

4. Think about her. Surprise her.

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Whether it’s her favorite chocolate bar or a trashy gossip magazine- surprising her with a little something shows her that you were thinking about her, and she definitely needs that right now. 

5. Help. Make sure she still has time to take care of herself. 

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This was (and still is) my biggest issue. I hate to ask for help- HATE. IT.  So pay attention- if she isn’t asking you for help, but also isn’t showering for three days, run her a nice hot bubble bath, make a tranquil Playlist, take the baby and tell her to go relax. Believe me, if it’s even just and half an hour, she’ll feel like and whole new woman. 

All in all, just be sensitive to how she’s feeling and make sure you’re helpful! You’ll do great 👌