The word “Bionic” is defined as “having ordinary human powers increased by the aid of bionic devices (real or fictional)” (Google), and is also what my fiance likes to call me when I walk around the house with my hands-free breast pump like a robotic cow. It got me thinking, Moms ARE bionic. We’re freaking superheroes. We keep tiny humans alive, maintain our households, go to work, and put everyone else’s needs before our own – which is no easy feat when you’re running on 3 hours sleep and some burnt toast. It’s like we turn into caffeine-fueled cyborgs who can pull off anything when we hear the cries of our offspring.

I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, and in these times where scrolling through your newsfeed can make you feel a little homicidal, I think we could all use a little humor. 

Look, being a 21st Century parent is hard. Really fucking hard. So let’s stop trying to be perfect and just be real. We all fuck up now and again, but we can learn from our mistakes and those of other parents if we just stick together! With that, I invite you to follow along and share in our experiences as parents in these crazy-ass times.